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Protecting Files and Directories With encfs

Sparks had an interesting post about Thunderbird email security. This reminded me of another technique I like which is to run Thunderbird and Firefox from an encrypted directory.  In addition to encrypting the data, Thunderbird and Firefox won’t start without… Continue Reading →

Importing Mailing List Archives to Thunderbird

Have you ever subscribed to a new mailing list and wanted to read all the old posts in your email reader?  Here’s how to do it.  We will use the Fedora Development list mail archive for January 2010 as an… Continue Reading →

Sanity = Thunderbird 2.0 + Inbox Zero

I have been a practitioner of Inbox Zero for the past few months. It has gone a long way towards successfully keeping up with multiple Fedora mailings lists without drowning. Peace and sanity now reign in my personal and work… Continue Reading →

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