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Fedora 15 Release Date Is Set

Updated 2011-04-09: Click on the schedule above to navigate to the actual schedule.  As of today, Fedora 15 is scheduled to GA on 2011-05-24. It’s official.  Yesterday, FESCo approved the Fedora 15 schedule with a release date of May 10,… Continue Reading →

Fedora 14 Final Release Game Plan

Approximately one month from today (November 2, 2010 at 10 AM EDT), the final release of Fedora 14 will be made available to the world.  And when it is, you can get it at We still have an opportunity… Continue Reading →

Fedora 12 Scheduling

The overall Fedora 12 schedule remains unchanged, but we are still working on tuning the individual sub-team schedules. We had a really fantastic meeting on Friday documenting the Design Schedule for Fedora 12.  It was an open meeting, announced on… Continue Reading →

Fedora 12 is Next

Yes, I’m getting ahead of myself a little.  The Fedora 11 beta was just released, but if you are already working on something for Fedora 12 that doesn’t mean you can’t tell the world about it now using the Fedora… Continue Reading →

Benefits of Detailed Schedules

Last week FESCo approved the Fedora 11 schedule. The Fedora 11 milestones are posted. I am still planning to create detailed schedules in TaskJuggler for some of the Fedora teams.  A first look at the detailed schedule is here. I… Continue Reading →

Fedora 10 Schedule Update

Last week the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo) ratified the updated schedule proposed by the Release Engineering team.  This resulted in feature freeze for Fedora moving to 2008-09-09 and GA to 2008-11-18.  This three week change to the schedule was… Continue Reading →

Fedora 9 Build Your Own Schedule

As a follow up to a previous post, I have been working with people in each of the Fedora subgroups to collect more information about all that goes into making a Fedora release happen. This information is represented in one… Continue Reading →

Quality From More Than Milestones

One thing that could improve the Fedora project is a schedule showing durations–how long tasks take. When making decisions about when to release or freeze we do not currently have the ability to quickly calculate how long something will take…. Continue Reading →

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