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Padding A Schedule Isn’t the Solution

If you are having issues generating reliable builds at the end of a release, pulling the deadline in so that there is more time to get to a reliable build isn’t solving the real problem.  It is true that you… Continue Reading →

Open Source Scheduling and Project Management Tools

I receive occasional queries for good open source project management and scheduling tools.  As you probably know by now, our scheduling tool of choice for Fedora is TaskJuggler.  TaskJuggler provides a great benefit to Fedora in its flexibility as a… Continue Reading →

Fedora 15 Release Date Is Set

Updated 2011-04-09: Click on the schedule above to navigate to the actual schedule.  As of today, Fedora 15 is scheduled to GA on 2011-05-24. It’s official.  Yesterday, FESCo approved the Fedora 15 schedule with a release date of May 10,… Continue Reading →

Shipping Fedora 14 One Week Late Is A Feature

People continue to tell they are sorry my dream of an on-time Fedora release could not be met for Fedora 14.  I appreciate their concern, but I don’t take things like this personally.  The reality is it was something I… Continue Reading →

Shipping on Time is a Feature For Fedora 14

I’m throwing down a challenge for Fedora 14–we ship all three releases: Alpha, Beta, and Final on time.  I’m not advocating cutting any corners or lowering our standards.  I expect them to remain the same.  What I would like to… Continue Reading →

The Curse of Knowledge

A few of the goals I set for myself in 2010 were around making the Fedora release processes better known and understood. I’ve made it a personal challenge–I plan to have a pile of URLs and email archive links to… Continue Reading →

Planning to Slip the Schedule

A discussion recently started on fedora-advisory-board list about the Fedora 11 schedule and turned to how much we have slipped in the past.  Admittedly it is kind of hard to say because we haven’t diligently tracked or reviewed our planned… Continue Reading →

Fedora 9 Build Your Own Schedule

As a follow up to a previous post, I have been working with people in each of the Fedora subgroups to collect more information about all that goes into making a Fedora release happen. This information is represented in one… Continue Reading →

Quality From More Than Milestones

One thing that could improve the Fedora project is a schedule showing durations–how long tasks take. When making decisions about when to release or freeze we do not currently have the ability to quickly calculate how long something will take…. Continue Reading →

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