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Fedora 14 Final Release Game Plan

Approximately one month from today (November 2, 2010 at 10 AM EDT), the final release of Fedora 14 will be made available to the world.  And when it is, you can get it at We still have an opportunity… Continue Reading →

Subjectivity Isn’t Sustainable

We’re seeing a beautiful thing happen in bugs proposed as release blockers for the Fedora 14 Alpha–people are quoting and referencing specific sections from the Fedora 14 Alpha Release Criteria as justification. There was discussion at the first Fedora 14… Continue Reading →

Shipping on Time is a Feature For Fedora 14

I’m throwing down a challenge for Fedora 14–we ship all three releases: Alpha, Beta, and Final on time.  I’m not advocating cutting any corners or lowering our standards.  I expect them to remain the same.  What I would like to… Continue Reading →

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