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OpenShift Will Survive Because of More Than Stubbornness

One of the most balanced things I’ve seen written recently about OpenShift in the media was from Red Hat’s Stubbornness Will Keep OpenShift Alive, There won’t be one form of PaaS, but several, each with distinct advantages. PaaS will survive,… Continue Reading →

Twitter For Support

37 Signals and other companies are using Twitter for support. It’s a brilliant move because: Every time I ask them a question, and I’ve asked several, all my followers see their name again. Every time they reply to me they… Continue Reading →

Honest Marketing

A big focus of my new role in OpenShift is SEO.  Naturally this article and the drama around it caught my attention. I like how Bill Slawski defines the SEO practioner’s goal, Your objective should be to make it easier for… Continue Reading →

OpenShift Origin LiveCD Install Requires NetworkManager

If you’re installing the OpenShift Origin LiveCD to a local hard disk, you must have NetworkManager running  before starting the install process. Before you start the install-to-disk routine, make sure you start NetworkManager. $ su -c ‘NetworkManager’ The other day… Continue Reading →

How to Find and Install OpenShift rhc tools on Fedora

The other day I set out to write a post on getting a WordPress instance running on OpenShift.  I got sidelined in the confusion of determining the best place to install rhc tools from. I’m trying to be more deliberate… Continue Reading →

Would OpenShift be Better if it Cost Money?

I’d encourage anyone who wants to host an application for free and try things out to sign up for an OpenShift account.  There’s really nothing to lose. There’s an interesting thread on Hacker News about OpenShift with some people suggesting they’d… Continue Reading →

OpenShift rhc Servname not supported for ai_socktype

I came across an interesting situation yesterday with OpenShift Express.  I was trying to register a new domain using rhc-create-app  and received this cryptic error message: There was a problem communicating with the server. Response message: getaddrinfo: Servname not supported for… Continue Reading →

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