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Starting Off 2015 | January Goals

It’s embarrassing not to have posted anything in December 2014 after being so consistent in November 2014. December taught me that it isn’t always possible to make it happen. Sometimes enough impediments pile up that no matter how strong your… Continue Reading →

SMART Goals are Limiting

The video is messed up, but the audio message is definitely worth listening to. Brendon exudes energy in a way that is electric. I can’t think of another person like him. ¬†Some day I hope I meet him in Portland,… Continue Reading →

You Get What You Track

I lost 14 pounds in 2009 because I set a goal and checked in on it a few days each week.¬† Fedora can benefit in the same way. The topic of weight–amount, gain and loss–is a very personal and sensitive… Continue Reading →

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