Poelstra Meeting Magic


Ask most people if like attending meetings and you’re likely to hear a resounding “no.” Ask someone if they like to facilitate meetings and you’re likely to hear a stronger “no.”

I’m here to reverse all that.  I believe that meetings can be enjoyable, even satisfying to attend.  I also believe they don’t have to be a hassle to facilitate.

Over the years I’ve created a methodology for facilitating meetings that takes the pain out of creating the agenda, capturing information and decisions from meetings, and doing the followup afterwards.

Self-paced Meeting Makeover Course

Meeting Makeover leads you through my process of planning, facilitating and summarizing good meetings.  The course is complete with an audio program (full transcript provided), worksheets, mindmaps and examples.

You’ll learn how to make sure your meetings have the right people, agendas and minutes. You’ll also learn the Meeting Makeover progression to speed up the beginning and ending process of your meetings.

In less than two hours you’ll have the tools and new approaches to make it happen.  Give Meeting Makeover a try.

I Want You to Have Better Meetings

And I can help through:

  • Lunch and learn presentations
  • Individual consultation and strategy sessions
  • Facilitating your meetings in real time

Lunch and Learn Presentations

I will deliver a 20 minute presentation on some high level skills around how to lead better meetings.  We’ll spend the rest of time discussing problems your team and company meeting environment has while figuring out solutions together that will make meetings better.

Consultation and Strategy Sessions

We’ll meet one on one to discuss your particular meeting situation or problems.  Together we’ll create strategies and new approaches to make your meetings better.  A recording of our conversation is provided at no additional charge so that you can go back and listen to it again.

Live Meeting Facilitation

I will help prepare the agenda for your meeting.  I will attend your meeting, facilitate the agenda, capture the meeting discussion and finalize the minutes.

Let’s Get Started

Send me an email at oneconversation@johnpoelstra.com and let’s figure out the best way to get started for you.