Empty Meeting Room Meeting MakeoverUnless you work alone, meetings are probably a common part of your day.  Meetings have the potential to be really beneficial, but many times they are not.  They are a hassle to prepare for, painful to attend and tedious to summarize.

Make Your Meetings Better in Every Way

I love facilitating and running great meetings.  Over the years I’ve assembled a set of techniques and approaches that make meetings effective and more enjoyable–before, during and after. In collaboration with Mike Vardy, founder of Productivityist, I’ve created a small course called Meeting Makeover.

Meeting Makeover leads you through my process with an audio program (full transcript provided), worksheets, mindmaps and examples.  With these tools and ideas in hand you can make your meetings better.

Make Sure Your Meetings Have the Right Ingredients

You’ll learn how to make sure your meetings have the right people, agendas and minutes. You’ll also learn the Meeting Makeover progression to speed up the beginning and ending process of your meetings.

Give your meetings the makeover they deserve by taking the Meeting Makeover course.  In less than two hours you’ll have the tools and new approaches to make it happen.

Available For Purchase Now

Meeting Makeover is available for immediate purchase and use at Gumroad.

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