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What’s the Next Step?

Like many people I’ve never made it all the way through David Allen’s popular book Getting Things Done. One of the most valuable take-aways I did get from Allen’s system was getting really clear on what the “next step” is… Continue Reading →

Giving Time Management Advice

I saw a post recently on the Portland startup switchboard looking for time management recommendations. At first I thought it was an easy questiont to answer, however the more I thought about it I realized it wasn’t. Here’s the essence… Continue Reading →

Put Away the You-Gun

I’m borrowing the term You-Gun from Paul Spindel. In one of his fantastic project management courses at Portland State University several years ago he talked about the you-gun. He encouraged us to “put away the you-gun” in difficult conversations. It’s… Continue Reading →

Fedora Screencasting

I collected these links at one time and found them useful for creating screencasts on Fedora.  These days I prefer to use Screenflow on Mac OS X which I’ve also found to be an excellent video editor for simple projects…. Continue Reading →

Deadline to Change

Just listened to a great podcast by Brendon Buchard titled Why to Quit.  It’s about way more than quitting. It’s about making positive changes in our lives and being intentional about making them. I’ve followed Brendon’s work for a while,… Continue Reading →

Good Meetings Make You Feel Good

Last time I defined several ways to have bad meetings. This post was going to explore one of those “bad ways to have meeting” in detail. Then I realized it would be better to start by defining what a “good… Continue Reading →

13 Ways to Have a Bad Meeting

I’m thinking about writing a book about technical project meetings at software companies and ways I’ve found to make them better. To see if I have enough to work with I’m going to kick off a series of blog posts… Continue Reading →

YAYOG Builds Muscle and Confidence

One of the things I love about You Are Your Own Gym (YAYOG) is that it doesn’t throw you in the deep end.  Yes, some of the initial work outs are hard and it maybe difficult to complete all of… Continue Reading →

One Foot In Front of the Other

Some days it’s the best and the only thing you can do. That’s okay. Just make sure you show up tomorrow too.

Just Show Up

A project I’ve been following since Tiny Startup Camp is They have a podcast I highly recommend and just the other day I saw this good post about “showing up.” It’s made all the difference in my work out program… Continue Reading →

What Will You Build?

Thinking of  Wilson Miner and his talk When We Build in relation to these links… the idea of needing “space” and “being” versus “effort” and “work.” The Practice of Stillness by Michael Hyatt Embrace The Space by Jonathan Fields  

Pomodoro Is the Way to Go

Leave it to a friend that you’ve been hounding to create his own blog, go and do just that and then share a productivity tip that you already know but have long stopped using. Charlie has a good post examining different… Continue Reading →

Get Momentum

I’ve been trying out the Momentum Google Chrome plugin since learning about it on twitter and I love it.  It makes a great combination with the Pomodoro technique that’s been keeping me more focused and productive. I’m finding the Pomodoro Gnome3… Continue Reading →

Business Idea Filter

Here are some criteria for determining if an idea is good from Chris Brogan and Julien Smith’s book The Impact Equation (affiliate link): 1) What’s the goal of the idea? 2) How does this idea fit my existing framework? 3)… Continue Reading →

Create Tools & Sites When You Need Them

A while back I was cleaning up a bunch of old book marks for my web browser and came across a bunch of wiki pages, etherpad pages, ticketing systems, etc. that were barely if never used. It’s tempting as a… Continue Reading →

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