I’ve been banging the drum about the Fedora Board resolving its discussion about the target audience for Fedora’s primary distribution.  Ultimately it is a bigger conversation about the strategic direction of the Fedora distribution and what it wants to be in the future–one year, two years, five years from now, etc.

To put this discussion in the right context it seems like a good idea to be clear about what we need the Fedora distribution to be today.

To the surprise of many of my friends I haven’t used Windows at my day job since 2004.  There are edge cases where Windows provides a better user experience and more functionality (Exchange/Outlook calendaring and email versus Zimbra), but for the most part I can do my job just fine with the applications provided in Fedora.

These are the applications I depend on every day:

  • Gnome desktop
  • ssh
  • vpnc
  • cvs
  • vim/gvim
  • OpenOffice
  • terminator
  • irssi
  • screen
  • TaskJuggler
  • Firefox
  • Thunderbird
  • Rhythmbox
  • Twinkle

This is the functionality I expect and depend on from my notebook every day:

  • Suspend and resume works every time
  • Hibernate and resume works every time
  • NetworkManager resumes a wireless network connection after every suspend or hibernate

What about you?  What are the core programs and functionality you depend on working in Fedora?