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Are You Looking for a Coach?

I’m expanding my coaching practice and taking on a select group of new clients. If you, or someone you know is looking for a way to move past the things that are holding them back and to reach the things… Continue Reading →

Feeling Motivated in Your Work

This section from from page 24 of So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport is spot on: SDT (Self-Determination Theory) tells us that motivation, in the workplace or elsewhere, requires that you fulfill three basic psychological needs–factors described… Continue Reading →

Volunteering and Getting Involved in Portland

I was talking to a friend the other day about ways to get more involved in the local Portland scene for networking and volunteering.  Here are several avenues I’m aware of. Most I’ve tried in one form or the other…. Continue Reading →

Why I Love Facilitating Meetings

I recently told Mike Vardy over at the Productivityist how much I love facilitating project meetings and he told me I had a to write a blog post about it. It hadn’t occurred to me how unusual I might be… Continue Reading →

It Must be Someone’s Fault

Blame is just as prevalent in relationships as it on product teams and projects. I had a good laugh with my wife while watching this video. I’m always amazed how much insight Brene Brown draws from a simple concept or… Continue Reading →

44 Best Bodyweight Exercises

I’m a huge fan of bodyweight exercises. I can do some of these, but nearly as many as I would like. I’m always amazed at the variety and simplicity of these exercises. Well, they might be hard to execute, but… Continue Reading →

Meetings Aren’t For Collecting Status

One of the compliments I received a few weeks ago was an appreciation for my efficient meetings. I was never sure if anyone noticed or cared. In this spirit, when I kicked off my first program meeting with the Red… Continue Reading →

Say Thank You and Make it Personal

I recently changed positions at Red Hat, more on that in my February goals post. After sending a short email to the teams I’d been working with announcing this change, I received a few personal emails back. I was really… Continue Reading →

February 2015 Goals

January 2015 was supposed to be all about restarting. It felt more of like a month of “re-failing.” I suppose the good news is that I was more active towards completing my goals than I was in December, but I… Continue Reading →

Have You Experienced This Corrosive Disease That Ruins Teams?

One insidious way to undermine an entire group or product team is to allow or participate in gossip about other people–conversations focused around other people who “don’t do anything” or aren’t “busy enough.” It’s even more damaging when a leader… Continue Reading →

What I Learned from 30 Days of Blog Posting

Here’s a post I started in December 2014, but never published–among other things that didn’t get done in December. 🙂 Here are a few things I learned from my 30 day blogging challenge and what it took to make it… Continue Reading →

Scale Back the Noise to Find the Good Stuff

My 2015 reboot includes trimming back on email, Twitter and podcast content. I think this might be a good process to do at the end and beginning of each year because it frees up mental space and makes it easier… Continue Reading →

Fifteen Hundred Feet in the Air

I wonder if these guys ever get used to being so high off the ground? Pretty cool use of a drone.

Starting Off 2015 | January Goals

It’s embarrassing not to have posted anything in December 2014 after being so consistent in November 2014. December taught me that it isn’t always possible to make it happen. Sometimes enough impediments pile up that no matter how strong your… Continue Reading →

Becoming a Better Version of Yourself

I’m convinced that if we focus on finding and building the best version of ourselves it makes everything else better, including ourselves. Using others as a benchmark has a place, but more often it is a race to bottom. We… Continue Reading →

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