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Tell Me How Much You Value My Feedback by Responding

The online marketing space is interesting to say the least. Today I’m particularly thinking of people with podcasts and to a lesser extent blogs. In a time when authenticity and trust are key to building relationships I’m surprised at the… Continue Reading →

OpenShift Will Survive Because of More Than Stubbornness

One of the most balanced things I’ve seen written recently about OpenShift in the media was from Red Hat’s Stubbornness Will Keep OpenShift Alive, There won’t be one form of PaaS, but several, each with distinct advantages. PaaS will survive,… Continue Reading →

Using Contrast and Different to Market

More from The Impact Equation, The more we worked in marketing, the more we did presentations and wrote blog posts and launched projects, the more we recognized that information has no impact on people’s reactions.  Instead of information, people react… Continue Reading →

Right Hook

I always enjoy reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s books and his new one Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook (affiliate link) is a little different and just as good as the previous ones. Great advice on page 14.  Obvious, but how many people are… Continue Reading →

Questions First Data Second

A good friend of mine was schooling me in the art of SEO and made a very simple point I thought was very important. First focus on figuring out what questions you need to answer about your business. Then search… Continue Reading →

Traffic is Up

If you are new to Google Analytics or looking for better ways to follow and understand web traffic to your site, a short, but very practical post by Darren Rowse called How I use Google Analytics ‘Compare’ Feature to Motivate Me… Continue Reading →

Minimalism in the Cloud

It was interesting to see an article in Fast Company about how millennials aren’t interested in accumulating stuff. Humanity is experiencing an evolution in consciousness. We are starting to think differently about what it means to “own” something. This is… Continue Reading →

More on Honest Marketing

This is a great video about helping people.  It’s also about marketing and selling things, but in a way I believe in.  It’s kind of funny to think that “being honest” is news.  I guess for so long marketing and… Continue Reading →

Go To MorgueFile For The Best Free Online Photos

One of the best things about going to conferences and asking questions is the little gifts you get in return.  This gem comes Rory Kaluza, Digital Marketing Director, at Digital Apittude.  In his break-out session on SEO, Rory mentioned the… Continue Reading →


Even though this was written a couple of years ago, it’s still true.  Turns out I had clipped the quote below before coming across Bill Slawski’s thoughts on the same topic.  It probably would have fit nicely with my first post… Continue Reading →

Honest Marketing

A big focus of my new role in OpenShift is SEO.  Naturally this article and the drama around it caught my attention. I like how Bill Slawski defines the SEO practioner’s goal, Your objective should be to make it easier for… Continue Reading →

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