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Volunteering and Getting Involved in Portland

I was talking to a friend the other day about ways to get more involved in the local Portland scene for networking and volunteering.  Here are several avenues I’m aware of. Most I’ve tried in one form or the other…. Continue Reading →

Graduating From The Sheriff’s Citizen Academy

As if 2011 wasn’t busy enough with the new projects I took on (you have tried OpenShift, right?) I also managed to find an extra 55 hours over the past few months to attend a really interesting program put on by… Continue Reading →

Portland Blind Cafe

I was moved by Dustin Kirkland’s post about his experience at the Blind Cafe in Austin, TX.  It’s coming to Portland, Oregon, in a few weeks (June 2-4, 2011) and really looks worth checking out. I’m drawn to out-of-the-ordinary experiences like… Continue Reading →

The Public Isolation Project

Some of my recent posts have covered technology and human interaction.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the Public Isolation Project going on here in Portland through a post in Newspaper to New Media.  It was fascinating and fun to follow each day…. Continue Reading →

Community At Community Conferences

I attended WordCamp Portland 2010, a conference about blogging and WordPress. There were two sessions tracks and an unconference track.  At a couple of the session times, none of the track offerings looked interesting, but I picked one anyway.  Without… Continue Reading →

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