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OpenShift Will Survive Because of More Than Stubbornness

One of the most balanced things I’ve seen written recently about OpenShift in the media was from Red Hat’s Stubbornness Will Keep OpenShift Alive, There won’t be one form of PaaS, but several, each with distinct advantages. PaaS will survive,… Continue Reading →

Less Quack More Fly

Some months ago I ran out of patience when someone asked for my advice on an open source project I’d already given lots of advice to. They were trying to help a fledgling project grow it’s “open source wings” behind… Continue Reading →

Lessons From Github

I listen to a variety of podcasts and currently I’m on a start up kick.  Andrew Warner produces a constant stream of interesting interviews at One such interview was with Tom Preston-Werner, one of the founders of GitHub.  The… Continue Reading →

Open Source Everything

One notion of open source software that often surprises people not familiar with it or its culture, particularly in business settings, is to make the source code completely available for free. Open sourcing everything may not be a familiar conversation… Continue Reading →

WordPress Browser Cache Clearing

I have no technical backing for this suggestion except that I’ve seen it work on two different operating systems with the Google Chrome web browser. Accessing my self-hosted WordPress blog to add posts and do site maintenance, page loads were taking… Continue Reading →

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