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Follow Your Inklings & Capture Your Beliefs (53)

In this episode I share the experience of following an inkling I had and the ways I was rewarded. I also share a simple process for capturing your beliefs.

Understanding ADHD with Ryan McRae (52)

Ryan McRae helps adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) live more effectively. Ryan explains how ADHD affects his life, how he deals with it, and the benefits he’s found from having it. He also explains how he helps people live above it.

Email is Overrated (51)

Join me in this riff about email handling and getting your important work into the world.

How to Break Up with the Unhelpful Parts of Your Brain (50)

In this episode I read a letter I wrote to myself encouraging me to keep showing up while calling out the things I to need stop doing. I encourage you to write your own Dear John letter and break up with the unhelpful parts of your brain and share it with me.

Is Coping a Cop-out? Guest Tina Robinson (49)

John and Tina Robinson, CEO of WorkJoy, LLC, explore the notion of “coping” and nuances of what it means as it relates to handling situations or problems in our lives. Sign-up to join John at a virtual live event to discuss this topic more and be coached around something you’re coping with.

Practical Password Security with Josh Bressers (48)

Enjoy this conversation with Josh Bressers, product security at Elastic and former colleague at Red Hat. Josh answers my questions about password management, general computer security and what matters (or doesn’t) in today’s predominantly online world.

Expanding Perspectives Around Time (47)

Here’s a riff on what I’ve been learning since the last update and my challenge to consider different perspectives around the notion of time.

Theme Your Way to Greater Productivity with Mike Vardy (46)

Mike Vardy from The Productivityist shares practical details about his approach to planning and managing the things he wants to accomplish through the use of themes, modes and energy levels.

Restarting is Key to Long Term Success (45)

Getting off track happens in just about every area of life. It’s inevitable that things are going to get off track and not go as planned. The key to overall success is how you get going again when you have a setback. Here are some ideas to get you restarted.

Seeking Truth and Living Uncompromised with Ron Renaud (44)

This conversation with Ron Renaud (coach, author, podcaster, and trainer) explores the topics of truth, freedom, personal growth, taking responsibility and more.

Riding the Roller Coaster of February (043)

In February I learned to embrace the emotional roller coaster of building your own business. I was surprised how quickly a “low” could turn into a “high” and then back into a “low.”

How to Move Forward When Visibility is Limited (042)

How do you move forward when you aren’t sure what to do next? How do you escape the trap of continuing to need more information before you make your next move? You move.

What I Learned in Month #1 of The Experiment (041)

Here’s what I learned, experienced and accomplished as I push forward to build a business around personal development.

How to Make Networking Humane (040)

This episode explores the balance between honoring people and expanding professional opportunities in the context of networking. I also share my best advice for approaching networking events if you dread or dislike them.

Are You Ready for the Changing Nature of Work? Stephen Warley (39)

Learn how saving more money isn’t always the answer and what’s possible when you look at something as an experiment. Stephen Warley also explains his belief that the nature of work is changing.

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