In this conversation with Dave Stuart Jr we explore teaching, experiential learning, leadership and so much more.  Dave is a 9th grade teacher who writes a popular blog and authors books about being an effective teacher.  His latest book is called These 6 Things: How to Focus Your Teaching on What Matters Most (and you should buy it today).


Conversation Highlights

  • There’s more to life than just being a teacher–investing your entire life into being a teacher is not sustainable
  • Dave figured out ways to be in an effective teacher within a regular work schedule
  • How Dave got into blogging and eventually became a published author
  • Solving a problem you have yourself helps you solve it for others
  • Investing in things that are timeless
  • Time, practice, persistence and grit
  • Most teachers do not make it past five years because of burn out
    • This creates a deficit of experienced teachers
  • Success as a teacher is not doing everything, it is
    • providing a solid learning experience for the students
    • enabling long term flourishing
  • While it’s important to “own all your stuff” you also have to “lead” yourself and others somewhere too
  • Dictating vs. facilitating vs. leading in a particular direction
  • Experiential learning makes stuff stick in a way that “sit and git” doesn’t
  • “Parenting is teaching someone to do life”
  • Teaching kids how to argue well by being earnest and amicable
  • Kids can’t Google what they believe–they have to figure it out
  • Belief under girds motivation
  • People who believe in our abilities are more likely to benefit from the experience of learning from us
  • Positive ways to teach kids public speaking
  • Find ways to encourage and help the teachers you know

John’s Favorite Terms From Dave

  • “Sit and get”
  • “Turn and talk”
  • “Think, pair, share”
  • Affinity, opportunity and ability

More about Dave Stuart Jr

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