Experienced Professional Coach

John Poelstra has more than 25 years of professional experience working with people and organizations in a variety of industries.  John is a “Certified Professional Co-active Coach” through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). CTI is recognized as the most rigorous coach training and the ivy league of certification programs in the industry.

John helps people get clear about what they want and find ways to get it. Often that involves helping people manage and use their time more effectively.  He’s worked with managers, small business owners, engineers and marketers.  He’s passionate about bringing clarity to complex ideas and problems so that people can make forward action and achieve their dreams.

Using the tools and techniques John’s deployed in his own life and work to find success, he seeks to help others achieve the same. John believes no action is too small to build forward momentum and change. Helping others reach their full potential and the best version of themselves is part of his life mission and calling.

His thinking and writing is influenced by reading and personal experience in a wide number of areas including business, technology, personal improvement, religion, and psychology

Excelling at Virtual Program and Project Management

John is also a Manager on the Engineering Program Management team at Red Hat, Inc., the world’s most successful open source software company.

As one of Red Hat’s most successful engineering program managers, John brings a unique twist to his success in this role as the first remote engineering program manager. For a number of years he’s managed a variety of successful product releases in a virtual capacity from his home office in Portland, Oregon.

Among his most important successes was helping launch OpenShift, Red Hat’s award winning container platform.

He’s Also Into Podcasting

John enjoys creating podcasts and producing them for others.